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My girlfriend wanted me to draw some metroids for her and I decided to turn one into a GIF since I haven’t done it in a while :)

The 30 Best Pieces of Metroid Fan Art on the Internet

Combining the open exploration of The Legend of Zelda with the action-platforming of Super Mario Bros, the Metroid series is like Nintendo’s overlooked middle child. Which is a shame because these games deliver on so many levels. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but we here at Dorkly are itching go on another adventure in Samus’ blue skintight space leotard Power Armor, that’s why we assembled some of our favorite Metroid-themed fanart. 

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Sweet corn, grown with no pesticides or herbicides. My field is never tilled. I cover it with horse manure compost every fall, and I cover that with straw. When I weed it by hand, the weeds are left to decompose right in place as a mulch. Squash and beans grow alongside the corn, and everything is planted by hand.

It can be done. We don’t need Monsanto. We need human labor right there, side by side with the plants. We don’t need massive petroleum powered agriculture, we need people working small horticultural plots, gaining knowledge of their specific land and it’s needs. Our land needs to be enclosed by wild space, fecund and full of birds, and bats, and insects, and snakes, and turtles, and all of the other beings that make an ecosystem function.

We can make a desert of the earth in an attempt to get high yields of low quality crops so a few corporations can temporarily get great financial returns, or we can have people spend their days bringing their food into existence, getting in touch with their bio regions, and building healthy soil and ecosystems for generations to come.

It can be done.



I finally cosplayed from my favorite game! This is Elza from Suikoden II. She’s a fugitive and former member of the Howling Voice Guild, a mysterious and powerful group of assassins who are the only faction in the Suikoden universe to possess knowledge of gunpowder. Elza is not a playable character, and she only makes a short appearance in the main storyline. However, there is an entire sidequest dedicated to helping Clive, Guild Master of the Howling Voice Guild (and Elza’s ex-lover) track her across the country. This requires you to speed run the game in under 20 hours, but their dramatic final showdown makes it totally worthwhile.

Photographed by Samantha McMichael.

Amazing cosplay!



Jowy borrows 500 potch from Riou for the wooden amulet and says he’ll pay it back. Does he ever? At no point have I ever recived that 500 potch back. Tsai also gives the money Flik gave Riou and Jowy back, and presumably Jowy took it because I never saw it again.

Jowy appropriates like 1000 potch over the course of the game and never pays it back. That fucker.

It’s ok. I made him pawn his family ring like the trash he is.

It’s alright, we’ll get Tom Nook on the case.

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